How do I create a Q&A post on Workplace?

Any member of a group can create a Q&A post. All other members of the group can ask questions and vote on questions.
To create a Q&A:
  1. From any group, click Write something... in the composer.
  2. Click Add to Your Post.
  3. Click Host a Q&A. You can add a description and photo.
  4. Click Post.
When you ask a question on a Q&A post, you will get a notification when the host answers it. There is no time limit on Q&A posts, but the person who posted can still delete the post or close comments to end the Q&A.

How do I create a Live Q&A?
You can create a Live Q&A when you broadcast a live video in a group. Click the toggle next to Include Q&A.
The audience can vote on questions, meaning that the host can view questions with most voted showing on top.
The host can mark a question as Answering now, which will disable voting for this question and pin it on top. When the host marks a question as Answered, it will be grayed out, with disabled voting and an added timestamp of when the host started answering the question.
The audience can click on a time stamp in Answered questions to jump to the exact moment in the video when the host started answering the question.
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